Where did Poker Actually Originate?

The game that you know as being poker actually has some ancient roots. These roots go back well over 1,000 years and they also cross several cultures and continents too. Some historians believe that the origins of poker can actually be traced to a game of dominos and cards. The Chinese Emperor then transformed into Poque, which was soon played in France. In Germany, it was called Pochen. Three cards were dealt to each player and they would need to bluff as a major part of the game. French colonists brought their own settlements to North America and the game soon caught on there. The game was then adopted by settlers who brought it to England, and before anyone knew it, it became widely known as poker.

At this point, some changes were made. Five cards were dealt to each player and at the same time, the 52 card deck was introduced. Of course, if you flash forward to right now, you will see that so many people are now playing poker online. You can be dealt a series of cards online and you can even choose whether to hold or whether to bet more on each turn. This shows how far poker itself has come and how far technology has come too. This led to people playing online slots real money and it also brought about a lot of movement for the gambling industry in general.

If you were to back in history to the point where it settled the US, you’ll see that the game was spread even more by those who ventured up and down the Mississippi River. People would often transport goods via riverboats that were operated on the waterway. When saloons and settlements started to open up, people would then gather round and have much bigger games. Queen Victoria eventually heard from the US minister about how the game was played and even that it had taken hold in other countries too. She was so keen to hear the rules that she asked him to explain them on the spot, and it soon became widely accepted as a great game to play with friends.

Over time, the game of poker has most certainly been influenced and it has dominated the casino industry too. Other games have also emerged, including five-card draw and even seven-card stud too. Texas Hold’Em is another very popular option and this rose to dominance in the 1970s. It was featured in the World Series Poker competition and ever since then it has really taken hold. Of course, only time will tell what the future holds for poker but right now it looks like it has certainly advanced beyond what most people thought. It’s spread across the world and even though it’s mostly played in the US, there are so many people who deem it as their game of choice. Casinos across the world also host their own tournaments with huge prizes going to the winners. This is great to see, and it has boosted the card and gaming industry in general.

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