Video Poker Strategy

Video Poker has remained a favorite of gamblers for years. Combining elements of both poker and slots, video poker is one of the few games in the
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where you can actually find a positive expectation of winning. In contrast to “pure luck” games such as slots or roulette, video poker combines the elements of luck and strategy. With enough practice, you can learn how to play video poker like a professional.

Luck – Outcomes are governed by a random number generator, hereafter known as an RNG. The RNG cycles through random numbers at about 1000 per second when the machine is sitting idle. At the moment you signal the machine to deal, the RNG gives the machine a number that corresponds to a card combination to display, as well as replacement cards. The available combinations in the RNG match those that could be dealt by a 52 card deck, with the same probabilities you would find in a poker game. The odds of receiving a particular hand from the start are fixed. For instance, the chance of receiving a royal flush without drawing is 1 in every 649,740 hands.

Strategy – Because you are allowed to discard, strategy comes into play. The key is to discard in a manner that gives you the the highest expectation of winning. Using such a strategy will give you the best chances of winning in the long run. Optimal strategy will change depending on the rules of the video poker game you are playing. Optimal strategy may also change with different pay tables. Often, you must play maximum credits in order to take advantage of the highest expectation.

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