Triple Play Video Poker

As you might imagine, triple play video poker is a variation of video poker that allows you to play three hands at once. In the end, your odds remain the same as playing one hand with the same pay table for three times as long. However, the potential bankroll swings are much greater. Triple play video poker is played like this.

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You are dealt three sets of five cards. Only one set is face up. From that one set, you choose the cards that you would like to hold. When you choose the cards you would like to hold, you are choosing the cards that will be held for each of the three sets of cards. For instance, let’s say you decide to hold two aces from your five visible cards. You will then draw to three different hands that are each holding those exact same aces. One hand may produce a pair of aces, another may produce a full house, and another my produce 4 of a kind. This is because each hand draws from its own 52 card deck. As you can see, being dealt a bad hand initially is like being dealt three bad hands. Being dealt a great hand initially is like being dealt three great hands. 

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