The Advantages of Playing Online Poker

Poker as we know it today has been around for almost 200 years. It’s a game that grew immensely in popularity once it became a staple at land-based casinos, and it hosts some of the biggest gaming tournaments in the world. But the digitization of poker into the World Wide Web had an even more profound affect on the game, and today it’s only second to slots in many countries.

Choosing between live poker and online poker can be difficult, but for those that find they don’t have the time or finances to head to the local casino or poker hall to get in a game every now and again, there are some distinct benefits to keeping everything online.

1. Availability

Live poker tends to be player at certain hours, and often enough people working full time can’t make the necessary time to enjoy a game or tournament. Not only does it absorb precious hours of an already busy work week, but the added financial costs of fuel and entrance fees can quickly become too much to sustain long-term. Online poker, on the other hand, can be played at any time of the day and on just about every mobile device in the world. And while there are often some fees involved, the saved time and costs of transport make these negligible. Most online poker sites also provide games and tournaments that run 24/7 no matter where a player is based very similar to how online slots Australia function, allowing near-constant gameplay throughout the day and night, all week long.

2. More Hands Per Hour

The average live poker game tends to be paced at around 30 hands per hour so there’s a reasonable amount of pressure and thinking required. The amount of hours needed to finish something smaller like a tournament can make a lot of players pull out, not to mention the pace at which the dealer handles the cards and the game in general. Online poker, however, runs at closer to 60 hands per hour, making the pace of the games that much faster, and meaning you need to be mentally fit too.

3. Larger Game Selection

Any live poker veteran will attest to the fact that most poker rooms will only have a limited number of games available, both in terms of the type of game offered, as well as the cost to buy-in. This can make the game boring fairly quickly, especially if it’s the same round of Texas Hold’em over and over. Online poker casinos tend to be different, as they will stock a range of different types of poker, different buy-in amounts, and the chance for players to find a game that caters both to the way they play and the amount they can afford to spend.

4. Added Benefits Online casinos are famous for the multitude of bonuses they offer both to new and seasoned players. This can come in form of VIP loyalty programs; along with refer a friend bonuses, and many more. These bonuses alone make online play often worth it, as the monetary value gained back far outstrips what most live casinos can offer.

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