How To Avoid Common Online Poker Mistakes

Poker is one of the few games that casinos offer that requires a fair amount of strategy before any real winnings can be earned. It takes years of practice to master, an iron will, and plenty of mistakes need to be made before a player can start playing at even a semi-professional level.

This is made worse tenfold by the fact that the poker scene has never been more competitive, and there are scores of beginner players that find themselves in a bind when playing against more experienced players, especially when it comes to common mistakes. Fortunately, there are a few ways of completely avoiding these kinds of mistakes in land-based venues, online and on mobile.

1. The Value Bet

Missing a value bets is one of the most common mistakes that inexperienced players make, and it’s often one that veterans will make use of as much as possible, forcing their opponent to lose the minimum. The best way to avoid this is by getting a good read on the other players at the table, and if it feels like its worth a value bet on the river, it’s worth taking, even if it’s a competitive table. Missing a value bet every five hands could see up to a 25% reduction in the overall profit margin.

2. The Weaker Ace

A common mistake amateurs make is calling down the veteran players that have a weaker ace. It’s important to note that having a top pair with low or mediocre kicker is not a guaranteed win, and that if other players are betting strong, it’s important to fold the ace by the end of the term to avoid losing out too often.

3. The Auto-Play Function

Online poker apps and suites, along with other games, such as slots or online roulette Australia, will offer players the chance to simply turn on an Auto-Play function that essentially plays the game for them. The problem is, and something that many amateurs not realise, every time the auto-play function kicks into effect, it will use cost chips. Since online players are often separated by countless thousands of miles in distance, one of the only tells available is how much time it takes another player to act on their hand. If they’re calling instantaneously, then they are keeping track of the game. If their calls or checks are delayed, it means that they most likely have some sort of automated feature in play, putting them at a distinct disadvantage.

4. Talking Too Much Something that new players don’t realise, even playing online, is that any interaction they make with other plays can be a subtle tell that others are easily able to talk to. Using energy and time to taunt or talk to other players is a straightforward way of revealing personality traits, often which seasoned players are able to pick up on and use to their advantage. This is especially a problem when one or two players in particular try their best to follow amateurs and spot any tells they may give away in their chat.

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