Differences Between Land-Based And Online Bingo

Unlike some other games that casinos offer, bingo tends to much more focussed on the social aspect. Bingo has always been associated with churches and community centres, giving members a way to spend time together while also enjoying a game, and it’s that popularity that has seen the game become a staple among many online casinos.

One of the biggest criticisms of online bingo is that it removes a large part of the social element, forcing people to instead focus on the game rather than communication between each other. This makes it more like other instant win games like scratch cards instead. Despite this though, most online bingo halls still boast a large, inclusive social scene that allows for the same connection, but without the need to hop in the car and travel to the nearest casino or hall. These are the main differences between the two types for those that are still on the fence.


All bingo sites have advanced social features that aren’t that different to what can be found through other social media platforms, such as Facebook. Integrated chat rooms are extremely common, and allow for players to talk amongst themselves directly. It’s also common to have special prizes and competitions as part of the chat feature, allowing players to win prizes beyond that they could win while playing a game. Other features, like ‘refer a friend’ make the game that much more inclusive, encouraging players to reach out and bring their friends into their daily gaming sessions.

Connection To Social Media

Most online bingo halls will also give players the chance to connect directly to their Facebook and Twitter feeds. Not only is this a great of keeping up to date on what’s going on with the games themselves, such as competition announcements, it’s also possible to be in the loop when it comes to extracurricular prizes and bonuses. Some operators will even reward those players that take the extra time to connect their accounts to their social media platforms, potentially bringing in more people to play.


All land-based casinos are designed to try and make people spend as much time and money as possible. They can quickly become an expensive money sink, especially when there’s no direct way of always keeping track of how much money is spent. The online variant is completely different, as players are able to load up the exact amount they wish to play with on any bingo for money site, and when the money has been depleted, their gaming time comes to an end. It also helps to have direct access to the online bank accounts associated with the casino, giving players the chance to top up wherever necessary.

Convenience The main reason for much of the online platforms that we make use of today is one of sheer convenience. It’s that much easier to simply load up a downloaded bingo app and begin playing the games it has to offer, instead of spending the time and petrol driving to the closest casino, making it the perfect choice for those that have busy schedules both for work and every day life.

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