Tips for Online Bingo

Bingo is like slots in many ways. They’re easy to learn and play, they’re enjoyed by millions of people across the world, and the odds of winning in either are entirely up to chance. Both online slots and online bingo are powered by random number generators, and this means that there is no way of cheating or bettering the odds directly through gameplay.

There are, however, some ways to improve your overall chances at winning a game that don’t mean cheating or altering the system, but rather changing the way you approach the game.

1. Playing When There Are Fewer Players

The more players that are involved in the game, the lower the chances that you could achieve a full house before anyone else, along with a much smaller overall prize pool for those that are playing a community jackpot, unlike online pokies NZ, where the more players involved, the higher the jackpot.

Being up against as few players as possible automatically means that you have a higher chance of landing the winning numbers, so it’s best to try and find times during the week (avoid the weekend as much as possible) when very few players are online.

2. Purchase More Cards

This is a classic bingo strategy, and one that has been tried and tested. The idea behind this strategy is: the more cards you buy and own, the higher your chances of winning. It’s a strong strategy that generally works quite well.

Some online bingo apps allow the players to purchase as many cards as they want, and will even automatically keep track and mark those cards, even if the player is not directly interacting with the app.

3. Know the Prizes

Knowing that’s available to be won can mean the difference between spending money on a card for that game, or looking elsewhere for something better that offers higher rewards.

4. Frequent Chat Rooms

While making use of the chat rooms and talking to other players doesn’t increase your chances of winning, many online bingo halls will have separate prizes available through the chat rooms. These competitions and prizes will often be announced at random and are worth looking out for, even if you’re not in a social mood.

5. Always Make Use of Reputable Sites

This is a big one, but one that many beginner players tend to overlook. As previously mentioned, all online bingo games that make use of an automated caller use a random number generator to pick and choose the numbers that will be called out.

This RNG system is completely controlled by the casino, and they therefore have direct access to the kind of percentages that the players are subject to when playing. This also means that a casino with a less then stellar reputation, and one that isn’t regulated, can alter these numbers in favour of the house in both slots and table games to the point where players have a slim chance of winning on average. It’s best to find a site that has been officially regulated and offers fair games to everyone.

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